CONJU PRINCESS SKIN CARE  Wake up to clear healthy skin  each and everyday.

Wake up to clear healthy skin
each and everyday.

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What our customers have to say

"I've tried many many many kinds of acne soaps to help clear my face. A friend gave me a Princess Soap as a gift from her trip to Waikiki and I've never stopped using it."
"I've been using Princess Soap for about 4 years now. I constantly get comments on how great my skin looks."
"My face feels hydrated all day even though I'm in the desert."
"Princess Cleansing Balm saves me SO MUCH TIME now at night when taking off my makeup."
"My friends ask me where I get my facials done. I smile and tell them it's a secret. My secret is Princess Soap with their essence."

Conju Princess Skin Care Regimen

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Powerful Foam

The foam created prior to washing your face from Princess Soap is where the magic happens. Using a foaming net to create the micro bubbles helps the ingredients penetrate deep within your skin. By doing this, Princess Soap has the power to heal your skin for a clear radiant finish from within.

All Day Hydration

Princess Skin Care Essence is using nano-level technology, the independently developed Dual Liposome system delivers all the beneficial elements of the Conju Skin Care Essence deep into the tough outer layer of the skin to improve clarity and elasticity for a radiant, youthful-looking appearance.
All Day Hydration

Simple Makeup Remover

Princess Cleansing Balm is a new natural cleansing sensation through luxurious herbs blended together as a “melting cleansing balm.” We have blended natural herbal ingredients, plant extracts, and vitamins in our own concoction into a balm that melts in your hands for a gentle face cleanser.
Simple Makeup Remover

What makes Princess Soap so special?

The power of the 11 natural herbs used to create Princess Soap.

Princess Soap
  • Acne Free

    Ginseng is a well known medicinal plant in Korea that is used to help heal damaged skin. We have also added apricot seed, liquorice and mugwort extract to help lighten and clear acne, age spots and freckles and prevent acne.

  • Detoxification

    Bamboo salt is added to disinfect and detoxify the skin. In combination with chamomile and sponge gourd, these items help promote better blood circulation to calm inflammation to restore skin to a healthy state.

  • Moisture

    A main concern is having dry skin after washing your face. Princess Soap contains coconut oil, aloe, cnidium, and perilla that helps keep your skin feeling moisturized and looking radiant.

  • Balance

    Primrose is a key element we have added that fight eczema. With this, it helps protect your skin's health and and improves eczema conditions over time.

Conju's 3 Step Skin Care

A Simple Skin Care Regimen For Clear Healthy Skin

  • Prep


    End your day with Conju Princess Cleansing Balm to remove impurities and makeup.

  • Clean


    After rinsing off Conju's Princess Cleansing Balm, use Princess Soap to clean your face.

  • Finish


    Finish your routine with our Princess Skin Care Essence for a deep hydration that improves clarity and elasticity.