The Power of Conju's Natural Herbs
Conju's raw materials and natural herbs are grown in Korea's rich natural blessings.  We then carefully extract the essences of these herbal wonders.  At Conju, we select and combine natural herbs that maintain skin health with antibacterial, metabolism promoting, skin brightening and moisturizing properties.  In recent years, we have also found excellent herbs from overseas in addition to natural herbs.  Overflowing with the power of nature, these herbs have the power to draw out the skin's natural beauty.  Learning from the Korean herbal remedies handed down since the ages of the royal court, as well as the cosmetology of herbs from other countries, we aim to maintain skin balance using the power of traditional, natural herbs and the latest technology to create skin care products that awaken the skin's natural beauty.  The quickest way to achieve nearly translucent, beautiful skin is traditional ingredients that cultivate the skin's power.
The 11 Herbs Used in Conju's Princess Soap