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Korean herbs are Korea's uniquely researched and developed version of Chinese herbal medicine which are traditional medicines in Korea.  They are made almost entirely of plants and natural materials that people can eat.  A variety of effects can be achieved with the components of these Korean herbal ingredients, helping to balance the internal organs and restore health to the body.
  1. Perilla (Shiso) - For Whitening and Anti-Aging.  This herb is also popular in juice and supplements.  It is essential to beauty and health.
  2. Bamboo Salt - For Disinfecting and Detoxification.  This salt keeps the skin clean with antibacterial action.
  3. Ginseng - For Metabolism and Improvement of Damaged Skin.  This is a well known medicinal plant native to Korea.  It help promote a better metabolism.
  4. Cnidium - For Whitening and Smoothing of the Skin.  This herb works to warm the body and adjust the hormone balance.  
  5. Apricot Seed - For Whitening and to Prevent Acne.  This herb makes the skin clear and smooth.
  6. Chamomile - For Whitening and Promoting Better Blood Circulation.  This herb calms inflammation and restores skin to a healthy state.
  7. Sponge Gourd - For Whitening and Metabolism.  This plant from the cucurbitaceous family is essential for fixing skin problems.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and it nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  8. Liquorice - For Preventing of Age Spots and Freckles.  Also used as a medicine, this herb contains a rich amount of glycyrrhizin, indispensable in everyday life properties and it nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  9. Primrose - For Prevention of Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis.  This herb protects the skin's health and improves atopic eczema.
  10. Aloe - For Whitening, Moisturizing and Anti-Aging.  With its abundant minerals, this herb calms inflammation and improves the skins condition.
  11. Mugwort - For the Improvement of Damaged Skin and Moisturizing.  With excellent antioxidant and antibacterial action, this herb improves problem skin and has superb moisturizing ability.

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